How Tuesday became my favorite day of the week. life hack shift

Happy Tuesday~

Also, my favorite day of the week.

Do you have a favorite day of the week?

Mondays for me feel loaded and occasionally stressful, so this solo mom made a shift in the ENERGETICS of her week that has made all the difference.

MONDAY shift = no client work.

MONDAY shift = do what I...

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You're bigger.

My trainer noticed some external changes today.

Him: You're bigger.

Former me: This is not a compliment.

This me: FLEXes for all to admire.
Heck yes, I'm bigger.

I'm taking up space with my body, my ideas, my words, my agency, my health, my love, my one precious life!!

I practice taking up space by...

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Quit SMACKING yourself! 3 FLEX moves to invite the new. #coaching #new #newbehavior
"I don't know if you work on XYZ, but..."
My answer: is it change? Then, I work on it with you!
 Hiiiiiiiii there, it's your MIDLIFE MIDWIFE and resident COACH reminding you that asking for help from the right folks is a FLEX.
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If I Were A Gift... communal pen creativity gift writing prompt

If I were a gift, this is what I’d be: a gift card to your favorite place.


I am exactly what you like. I am how and when you like it. I am this exact thing because all too often you do not do nice things for yourself.


I know this, and so, I want to be this for you: the gift...

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