Hosted by: Shannon Ivey

The #whatshesaidproject began as a local story slam and being reborn as a virtual story slam and podcast. Real stories told by real storytellers right from their phones.


Episode 23: Am I Queer Enough for Pride? With Caitlin Fisher 1/2

Episode #23

Caitlin Fisher is back with us to talk about Pride, gender, queerness with the topic "Am I Queer enough for Pride?." This conversation was so good, we needed it to be two episodes. Find Caitlin on facebook, instagram,...
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Episode 22: Ready For Love, a story for Father's Day with Connie L. Johnson

Episode #22

Our beloved Connie is back with a beautiful sweeping tale of a daughter and her father and love. Oh, and she sings again. We do love it when Connie sings. Want to chat more about your story?...
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Episode 21: Virtual Story Slam with Shannon Ivey!

Season #1 Episode #21

Ok Fine.   Shannon Ivey finally agreed to tell a story from her pandemic experience.  Beyond being in a statistic of mothers who had job loss due to child care obligations and shifts in the workforce during the...
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Episode 20: Virtual Story Slam with Pamela McAllister Vandervelde

This Episode with Pamela deals with life and death, grief and wakeup calls.   She didn't know it, but she is on the pain point of one of the biggest life questions you can be asked. She's a new storyteller, but her...
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Episode 19: Virtual Story Slam with Jess Willis!

Season #1 Episode #19

Jess is a storyteller, theatre artist, and all around creative love bug that brought us a story about hanging out with herself during the pandemic, and what she found out. Thank you Jess. We so resonate with this, and...
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Episode 18: Virtual Story Slam with Mel Trimble!

Season #1 Episode #18

Many years ago, a former SCSU student told me that if I didn't know Mel Trimble, the world wasn't right with her. Mel Trimble is a multitalented drama therapist (and only one in SC) and certified drama teacher, and an...
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Episode 17: Virtual Story Slam With Jessica Green Thonen!

Season #1 Episode #17

Jessica is having none of it. With good reason. I mean, she WANTED to, then...something broke. We hear you, Jess. Thank you for modeling it so...artistically for us. In our second episode of the Spring 21 Virtual...
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Episode 16: Virtual Story Slam Spring 2021 With Martha Hearn

Episode #16

Thanks to the generous support of the South Carolina Arts Commission, we are bringing back the popular Virtual Story Slam!   This spring, on the one year anniversary of the COVID shut down, we asked women some...
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S3 E6 Let's Talk Relationships with Kimberly Mathis: Relationship Anarchy!

In this episode, Kimberly Mathis and I talk about Relationship Anarchy, and how looking at autonomy can be empowering for all folks, whether they are relationship or not! We discuss all sorts of relationships, so if...
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S3 E5 What THEY Said Project Monthly Takeover with Author and Coach Caitlin Fisher

Season #3 Episode #5

Caitlin Fisher is back with us!  In this episode, Caitlin covers 5 Myths/5 Questions You Shouldn't ask a Queer Person!   This episode discusses adult themes of relationships, gender, nonbinary, queer, LGBTQ+.  If you...
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S3 E3 Meet Kimberly Mathis, The Liberation Coach

Season #3 Episode #3

We are thrilled to continue these important conversations with smart folks.  This week's episode is a conversation with coach and therapist Kimberly Mathis.  We talk about the difference between coaching and therapy,...
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S3 E2 with author Caitlin Fisher

Season #3 Episode #2

New things are happening in 2021!  This episode is now the #whattheysaidproject, thanks to the astute guidance of our next guest. Caitlin Fisher is an author, coach and creative.  In this episode we talk all things...
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