I'm Shannon Ivey 


I'm an International ICF Certified Professional Coach, Author, Tedx Speaker, Speaker, and Successful Creative Entrepreneur.

In 2020, I lost my job in May, and had a complete life freakout. I had just bought a house for me and my child, and in one week, I saw all of it crumble.

Something had to change, and it was ME. Well, me AND what I THOUGHT of me and my skills. I was overworking and underearning.

So, in October of 2020, for my birthday, I hired a feminist business coach, and that process changed my life.

Next, I trained, certified, and became an ICF coach, and  began full time self employment. 

This powerful shift was not to completely new territory after a lifetime of teaching, facilitating workshops, leading professional development trainings, directing theatre, running the award winning #whatshesaidproject and decades of sales experience.

Now, I use 30 years of performance, creativity, and business skills to help talented people create the life of their dreams. 

It's your turn.


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More of that juicy origin story:

Shannon Ivey MFA AEA ACC (she/her) is the Founder of the award winning #whatshesaidproject.

Shannon is an ICF Certified coach, union actor/director, storyteller, and resident creative rabble rouser. 

 Shannon spent over 20 years in traditional theatre as a professor, actor, and director only to wake up to the ground shaking realization: she had been telling other people's stories that didn't include herself or those she loved. 

 This realization lead her to investigate the power of narrative through Theatre of the Oppressed, certifying as a Joker/ Facilitator at TONYC.  This lead to performing and producing first person storytelling events, writing essays/creative nonfiction, studying Narrative Medicine at Columbia University, and eventually, coaching. 

 She is living her best life in Columbia, South Carolina, where she solo parents a middle schooler, plays with her pandemic pooch, Buster, and grows veggies in her backyard.  

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