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I'm Shannon Ivey. 


I'm an ICF certified Professional coach and creative. 

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 My clients love to talk about their successes.


They report:

+ managing stress better


+ more confidence in themselves and their work,


+ embracing their unique style of working and  leadership,


+ creating fulfilling relationships, 


+ building  systems to keep life working FOR them, even in difficult times, and


+ generally feeling happier!


They also:

+ started businesses,

+ wrote books, 

+ won awards.

+ changed jobs,

+ got promotions

+ moved,

+went back to school for what THEY wanted to do,

+ made their health a priority, and

+ learned to let go of what they cannot control.


Some call me their thought partner, their writing coach, their midlife midwife, a creative fairy godmother, their business coach, or their leadership guru. 


No matter what they call me, the work is the same: bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  


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