CONFIDENTLY SELL OUT your work without feeling like a SELLOUT.


You are: 



and dedicated to your craft.


AND you hate the money and marketing part.


This is why you're stuck in the under-earning and OVERworking cycle.


You're in the right place.


I am the powerhouse coach who will help you:

+ make GREAT money with your skills.

+ confidently sell your work.

+ create a THRIVING lifestyle.


During our 6 months together, my clients have:

+ booked tours

+ landed grants

+ started businesses,

+ wrote the  book, 

+ won awards

+ booked lucrative speaking gigs

+ sold out artistic launches in hours

+ streamlined multiple streams of income

+ doing what they love and 

+ making GREAT money at it!


Success like this is not an "other people" thing. 


It's a Confidence + Strategy thing. 

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Some FAQs:

1. How long does change take?

I've found that lasting change takes at least 6 months together. 

2. Will coaching help me?

Coaching helps clarify what the obstacles are and strategize a custom solutions that work for you.

3. How do I start?

Fit is important, and in a complimentary coaching call, you will leave with more clarity about what you want.

If we agree that we are a good fit, I will offer you a custom coaching package that supports your goals.

4. What's in the package? The 6 month package has these components:

+ Weekly coaching on Zoom or phone. 3 of the weeks we will do 1:1 coaching. The fourth week is for a group coaching call + workshop on Friday.  

+ Immediate access to an online portal full of my signature assessments and classes I've created so you can start your journey that day.

+ At least one group coaching session/writing session per month.

+ Support between calls: I will give feedback on documents/contracts/bios, etc within 24 hours.

4. What if something big comes up and I need to end coaching?

You can always cancel the agreement and be refunded for unused sessions.

5. What's the investment?


6. Do you offer payment plans?

I do!

I'm ready. Let's start now!

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I will not sell your info to anybody. Ever.