I'm Shannon Ivey.


I'm an ICF-certified coach, Tedx speaker,  and a professional actor/director.


I coach movers, shakers, and makers from stuck,

burned-out, and overwhelmed, 

to their authentic, joyful, juicy life.


Tell me more!

It can feel 

scary and lonely

to be a badass maker, mover, and shaker.


You just can't shake it, that thing you need to do.

You know the world needs more of that magic.

But it's big work.  Bigger than one person can hold.

You've made a run at it, but were left overwhelmed and burned out. 

Honestly, you feel salty about the whole thing.

You've quit it more times than you can say.

But you can't really give it up.

Oh, yeah.  You're our people.

You know you have to do something new for this not to end up the same.

You crave positive real-talk support, strategic action steps to move it forward, and a cohort of brilliant folks around you.

You've found it.

I can't wait to support you with coaching (1:1 or group), tested systems (THE BOUNCE METHOD), skills based courses, and science backed self coaching tools.

I am so excited for you to move forward and into your power.

You're not alone.

We've got this. 


Next move is yours.

January 2022 B.O.U.N.C.E. Method Retreat!

January 10-15, 2022

12:30-1:30 pm ET

Our super popular 5 day retreat (1 hour a day) is jam packed with the tools you need to jump start your next big thing.  You will leave with action steps, strategies to overcome difficulties, and a cohort of folks cheering you on.

Yes, please!

We don't just talk brave,

we do brave.  


Hi, I'm Shannon, and I'm a mover, shaker, and maker in recovery from trying to fit in


 Here's my story:


As a first born overachiever, I was good at following instructions...mostly. 


By my late 30s, I was professionally "successful" as a married home-owning professor,  but I was losing myself.

I did #allthethings (got  degrees, got married, bought a house), following an imaginary adulting checklist. 


I bargained by leading a double life, sneaking  creativity and innovation (aka leadership) in with side projects (and a host of other bad habits).


By my early 40's,  I was divorced, burned out, and depressed. 


Then came the diagnosis. 


(That's when this story gets good.)


I realized that if I was going to die soon, I had some things I wanted to do.


First: I had to get really honest with myself about what I truly wanted.


Next: I had to get going, chemo brain and all.

So, I hired a coach.


I Get It, and I'm Ready For MY Transformation!

At my lowest point,

I had to muster the courage

to do the one thing I hadn't:


I had been in therapy, read the books, done the courses, made plans that I didn't see through.

I had to BE about it: actually DO something different.

(This is where coaching is brilliant.  It's action/strategy focused.)

If you're still reading, then there's something in this for you.

But only you can  take the next step. 




Just kidding, need coffee first, but yes, you CAN start today! 

I am offering lots of ways to start: 

Take one course or both!

You can also  join us in the ALL IN Community.  That's where the magic is.  


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