I'm Shannon Ivey.


I'm an ICF-certified coach, Tedx speaker,  and a professional actor/director.


I coach movers, shakers, and makers from feeling stuck, burned-out, and overwhelmed

to authentic, joyful, and successful.



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You just can't shake it, that thing you need to do.


It can feel 

scary and lonely

to be a badass maker, mover, and shaker.

You've tried hard.  

Honestly, you feel salty about the whole thing.

You blame yourself.

You've quit more times than you care to admit.

But you can't give it up.

It wakes you up at night.

The old ways don't work, but you don't know any other way.

Guess what?

This was my story, too.

In 2020, I lost my job, was solo parenting with a kid at home, and had just bought a house.

I made two great decisions:

1. I hired a coach.

2. In 2021, I became one.

Not only did I figure it out (after a decade of flailing), but also I built a life that I love.  

What kind of coach am I?

I am a QUALITY of Life Coach.

Let's have that chat.

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