You've found the key to unlocking your potential.

(Hint: it's you with support from me!)


I coach smart, creative, ambitious, thought leaders.


People who know there's more, but don't have the road map and skills to show up like leaders...yet.


It's easy to get frustrated with the status quo and stuck in the hustle to  hospital cycle.


But, to make an impact at the level you know is possible, you've got some unlearning to do.


In 6 months working together, you will be empowered to make and create the impact you want in your life and business in ways that suit your brilliant self better than you can have possibly imagined.


I am the creative powerhouse coach who will help you:

+ make GREAT money with your skills.

+ confidently position your thoughts in writing, pitches, and speaking.

+ map out and implement personalized strategies to make huge imact while THRIVING .


My clients have:

+ booked tours

+ landed 200K grants

+ started new businesses,

+ wrote and published the  book, 

+ won major artistic awards

+ booked lucrative speaking gigs

+ sold out artistic launches in hours

+ streamlined multiple streams of income

+ by doing what they love and 

+ making GREAT money at it!


Success like this is not an "other people" thing. 


It's a Nervous System + Story Work + Strategy thing.

And I'll share it all with you so you have a personal practice for the rest of your life. 

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Some FAQs:

1. How long does change take?

I've found that lasting change takes at least 6 months together. 

2. Will coaching help me?

Coaching helps clarify what the obstacles are and strategize a custom solutions that work for you.

3. How do I start?

Fit is important, and in a complimentary coaching call, you will leave with more clarity about what you want.

If we agree that we are a good fit, I will offer you a custom coaching package that supports your goals.

4. What's in the package? The 6 month package has these components:

+ Weekly coaching on Zoom or phone. 3 of the weeks we will do 1:1 coaching. The fourth week is for a group coaching call + workshop on Friday.  

+ Immediate access to an online portal full of my signature assessments and classes I've created so you can start your journey that day.

+ At least one group coaching session/writing session per month.

+ Support between calls: I will give feedback on documents/contracts/bios, etc within 24 hours.

4. What if something big comes up and I need to end coaching?

You can always cancel the agreement and be refunded for unused sessions.

5. What's the investment?


6. Do you offer payment plans?

I do!

I'm ready. Let's start now!

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I will not sell your info to anybody. Ever.