You've found the key to unlocking your potential.

(Hint: it's you with support from me!)


I coach creatives, artists,  thought leaders, and social entrepreneurs who are ready to move into the next phase of their life.



They have gathered all of the books and free courses, listened to all the podcasts but can't seem to launch.


They are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.


Here's the thing: they have all the pieces to the puzzle. They need support putting it all together, confidently.


I am the creative powerhouse coach who will help you:


+bridge the gap between your great ideas and  the getting them out to the world


+ make GREAT money with your skills.


+ confidently position your thoughts in writing, thought leadership,  pitches, and speaking.


+ map out your  personal road map to Phase 3 of your life (or 4! 5!) and


+ create and  implement personalized strategies to make sure YOU thrive on all 8 dimensions of wellness!


My clients have:

+ booked tours

+ landed 200K+ grants

+ started new businesses,

+ wrote and published the  book, 

+ won major artistic awards

+ booked lucrative speaking gigs

+ sold out artistic launches in hours

+ streamlined multiple streams of income

+ by doing what they love and 

+ making GREAT money at it!


Success like this is not an "other people" thing. 


It's a Nervous System + Culture Work + Consistency +  Strategy thing.


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