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The Tool That Saved My Life

coaching journal savedmylife tool wellness Oct 28, 2022

My 48th birthday was last week, and, as I have done every year since 42, I did my yearly birthday audit.

I’m never too busy to do a BIRTHDAY AUDIT, especially since one saved my life 6 years ago.

You heard that right. 6 years ago, I did a free form life audit on my birthday and the results saved my life.

That's why I am sharing with you now.

The categories for me were:

I’d go through each category and, in a journal, write about what I thought was going well, and what was not.

Then, I’d focus on three areas for the year that were the least satisfying.

That year, my #1 was my neglected health stuff.

Self reflection is powerful, but it's the next step that saved my life.

I wrote down the things about my health that I was in denial about, but didn't know what to do (or was really afraid to do).

It was in the telling of two trusted friends who bullied (lol) me into the right direction with their medical resources.

If I hadn’t included this step, two well meaning and very pushy people might not have followed up me and quickly got me to doctors who would diagnose me with late stage 3 cancer the day before the 2016 election. I might have stayed in the bargaining and denial phase.

So, 17 days, from Oct 22 to November 7th, was the time needed for me to: do the life audit, get clear on the issues, tell the friends I trust with me what's going on, get to the doctors, and get info on what was going on.

How long did the doctors say I had been growing that particular cancer? 7 years or so.

7 years.

17 days.

And my one precious life was saved from a moment I created to take time for me plus a made up exercise, and then, of course, the crucial step: follow through with friends who didn't let me ignore it.

Maybe I should have done a trigger warning for you.

I am glad I didn’t, though, because, for my birthday, it would be a gift for me if you would do a birthday life audit on YOU.

Don’t forget the last step. It’s the life saver.

Want the tool I use for my fabulous coaching clients? 

It's a great first step.

If you’re still reading, maybe you’re looking for a way we can work on YOU living YOUR best life.

Maybe it’s a creative project.

Maybe it’s a quality of life issue.

Maybe you have this nagging feeling there’s more.

Maybe you have that same nagging feeing that something is off and needs your attention. 

I'm the right coach for that.

Get in touch.

At the very least, get the tool, get any tool, and take time to focus on you.

Take GOOD care, 



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