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On Parenting, Coaching, and Humans

#whatshesaidproject Dec 06, 2021

Here’s the magic sauce to my parenting, coaching, and general interacting with YOUmans: I see you as the center of your story.

You can tell me #allthethings about all the people past and present, and I will listen with a dramaturg’s perspective.  

In grad school, I was a teaching assistant.  One year, they didn’t have anyone to teach Playscript Analysis, but I was game and was the nerdiest of the cohort, so I got it.

Teaching that course gave mad skills, but also flexed a muscle for me.  In theatre, we talk about seeing where stories aren’t “playing” right, where there is a confusing part to the plot, or a character that isn’t fully developed.  We will tell an actor that their performance isn't believable, or that it needs higher stakes.  

I have a lifetime of professional experience with this sort of analysis but what gives it a supportive vibe is in my expertise: working with actors.

For over 20 years, I have supported actors in creating a character that is believable from the inside out.

Now, I use this skill with YOUmans.

What these skills do for me as a coach:

  1. I respect your story as sovereign.  As unique.  As your own.
  2. I see you as an autonomous human being.
  3. I support YOUR vision for YOUR life, and 
  4. I help you see what isn’t “playing” in your story to get you to the outcomes you want.

Here's what I don't do:

  1. Assume I know what's best for your life.
  2. Assume I know what you really want from your life.
  3. Assume I am the key to you living your best life (you are, boo).
  4. Set the pace for your transformation.
  5. Diagnose you (I'm a coach not a doctor).
  6. Hound you or guilt you or bully you.

None of ^^^^ is in my work.  I have experienced it, and it is not helpful

So here's the deal: you are the main character of your life.  You want things out of your life.  I'm here to support that.  I can help you see where you're tripped up/tripping your self and then brainstorm what to do about it.

It's that simple.  And, it's magical.  

I parent like this, too.  

This magic has a name to it: unconditional positive regard.  You can learn to feel the difference between this and when someone is getting all up in your story. 

If they do, we practice boundaries! This alone has helped me, my clients, and my kiddo.  

This is your life.  Your story.  Your transformation.

I have processes and 1:1 coaching/ group coaching skills to support you while you do YOUR thing, and I would love to see if we are a good match for this work.

There’s no time like today to experience the joy and satisfaction of claiming YOUR life and taking the next steps to make it exactly what you dream it to be.

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