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They told me what they want. What they really really want.

client coaching endoftheyear workshop Dec 14, 2022


My clients have been asking for two things:

  1. Group opportunities to connect with like-minded people.

  2. Writing and Storytelling/story sharing opportunities. (coming in 2023!)


So, last month, I brought back my coaching group’s end of the month fave: Look Back/ Learn Forward.


What is this magic, the Look Back / Learn Forward thing, you ask?


It’s a workshop where we squash two issues that has plagued most of my clients:


  1. not giving themselves credit for what they have done, and

  2. that (incorrect) feeling of failure that blocks future successes.


In a Look Back / Learn Forward workshop you give yourself credit for how often you are showing up, doing the hard work, doing the self care, caring for others, and then hearing from others having similar experiences.


As people share, you can see how often you ignore your brilliance and labor because of our internalized culture of false humility.


Can you manage to recognize and see your brilliance?


Can you let that information lead the decisions you make about the possibility a bright future of your deciding?


No? Well, then I know you haven’t met a me.


”There’s no way my sneaky mean self talk can stand up to Shannon Ivey.”-friend and client, Ruthi.


Feel free to adapt this model or respond to this email to get in on the next one.


It’s so good folks ask for them by name!



FAQ, boo:


A: I’m looking at dates (probably the 28th or 29th of December for a virtual Look Back - Learn Forward workshop)

Q: Cost for this?

A: They are always free for my current coaching clients! Suggested contribution of $35-$50.


You coming? Email me! 


Coach Shannon

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