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2021: The year I learned how to make my own money.

#allin #allinonyouin2022 #entrepreneur #independentwoman #whatshesaidproject #womaninbusiness Dec 27, 2021
2021: The year I learned to make my own money.
It might surprise you that I believed I couldn't.
That thought held me back from negotiating for myself for jobs that I would accept peanuts for and bad working conditions, and still I would over work until I was very sick.
I have a history of monogamy to systems: family, academic, religious, social that were harming me, and I begged to be included.
Sound familiar?
I overworked until my protests for real change were seen as harmful, and was made to leave. That's how messed up it is, my complete loyalty to places and people that were harmful.
Case in point:
2017: The year I overworked from a chemo chair, and with every procedure and surgery, grew more terrified of invisible disabilities from cancer and my ability to be an independent person and raise my child.
I am not doing it that way anymore.  But, I had to prove to myself that I could do it, and wouldn't you know it?  I did.
I'm even laughing and sleeping and dreaming again.
Making my own money taught me that can do this without having to pretending to be people I am not. Without betraying my ethics or mission.
The pandemic concretized it, forcing me to examine my internalized gendered expectations up close.
Y'all, that gendered stuff is drowning us all.
If you push back on it, some folks respond in anger.
This me would rather address the anger and drop the ownership of their bad behavior.
Bias is sneaky and pervasive.
2022: I have public facing work to do through my lens, which is gender and disability.
2022: I claim my right to show up as my full self. I can be brilliant, creative, and free. A truth teller and questioner. A staunch advocate, ally, and accomplice.
In 2022, I will not shy away opportunities for this work, as I've been preparing for it my whole life.
I've got 3 slots left for my ALL IN ON YOU program. If these words are striking a cord, we should talk. It's not for everyone, but if it's for you? It's gold.
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