Save Your SANITY

(with a Self Care Plan)


Because stabbing people is frowned on.

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Learn 3x More About Yourself

Literally.  Things that are actually helpful.

Figure Out How to Not Yell at Aunt Judy

I mean, can you put a price on this?

A Plan That Works

I've tested it on over 100 people, and have been told it makes lives better and saves marriages.

"Maybe you're like me: you need a little refresher in real self care and how to speak power to your goals and dreams. Maybe you are also like me and think that a lot of this "self care/self knowledge /self help" stuff is a bunch of self-indulgent hokum. I could not have been more wrong - especially about this course. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I promise that you will get something out of it.


Client who does not want to yell at Aunt Judy or Uncle Rick.

*not her actual picture

This course is cheaper than bail.

And requires 1-5 hours of your time.  

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