Hey! I'm Shannon.

Ready to start creating your best life? A life that works better for you?

Ready to ask for support in creating that wonderful BIG IDEA of yours?

Then you're in the right place.

Let's Chat About Possibilities

I've got so much to share with  you. 

But we don't need to rush. This change work takes time.

(Studies say 90 days is optimal which is why I do 3 month coaching engagements.)

Would it help if I filled you in on my origin story? 

My name is Shannon.

I'm trained as a theatre professional, and spent two decades acting, directing, and teaching theatre.

Beginning a bit before my pregnancy in 2009, my life started a declining rapid shifting...ones that looked like a complete dissolving of everything I had built for myself in the world.

My then career, my stormy marriage, and a surprise difficult "elder" pregnancy were just symptoms of a greater seismic shift happening for me. 

I didn't make the life changes then, as I had a LIFE ENEMA to experience.

I also did not experience those foundational life changes with joy, let me tell you.

But now, after a career change (or two) and surviving late stage 3 cancer, I have created a life I'd fight for. FINALLY.

This creating life on my own terms by running a coaching/creative business is a revelation and daily practice of taking good care (of me).

I had a lot to learn.

I reclaimed my joy, my health, my story, and my life with these two tools:

1. Personal Storytelling 

2. Coaching

And this is what I will can offer you.

Next steps.

Which feels right for you?

Creative Coaching

Working on a project? Writing a book? Need speaking or presenting coaching?

Life Coaching

Break old habits that harm you, and replace them with the support and care that you deserve. 

Let's chat details.

I know you were scrolling for them. ;)

My coaching philosophy:

Change takes time.

Growth takes time. 

Any change takes 21 days to stick around, and so I have studied my successful clients (and myself) and find that we need 3 months together. And then I will offer you a package that supports your continued maintenance of the goal.

Coaching works best if there's time and trust, and so we need to meet to decide.

My client coaching agreement (which I will share with you) is created with you in the driver seat. 

What does it mean? If coaching together doesn't work, you can cancel and be refunded for unused sessions.


Current clients get access to a wealth of assessments and classes I've created, plus any current class offerings. Often, I have groups that you will get in for free!

This bonus part of working with me is worth well over 10K, but I keep it all packaged nicely fo

I offer packages of various financial and time investment levels.

Let's chat to see what would work for you!

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